Monday, April 07, 2014

Gamer Gentility

The other day I was working at a church for a bit.  And the place was active.  Bible Study was happening, as well as making kits for feeding people that needed food.  Most people would look at it, and be impressed with the ability of a church to gather that many people on a weeknight to do things that a church does.  It made me smile.  I left in a good mood, and a little earlier than I expected, and I drove to a game store that I had heard about.  I walked in and then my attitude changed.
No one said hello.  No one seemed to notice I was there.  But there was no where that I felt so alive that day.  There was a palpable energy going on in the store.  It was large for a game store, but it would be tiny for a church.  A large desk commanded the center of the room, and there things were being bought quickly.  Tables were laid out.  One one a group of 4 or 5 played one game.  On another there were three sets of a card game being played.  Another groups were painting pieces to be used in the future.  Kids were playing with kids.  Kids were playing with adults.  People were teaching and learning.  Mothers looked on in disbelief as their teens did something beyond their comprehension.  Passions were being passed on from one person to another.  And outside of that, there was a not a group that they all fit in, other than they liked to play games.
When is the last time you walked in to a group of 30 people and felt all of them passionate about something in the church?  When were you astounded by the energy in a room of a church.  Not for a church but against anything?
We are supposed to be that passionate.  We are supposed to have something that bowls us over.  How do we get the energy of a bunch of nerds?  How do we surpass that?